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CRS Records Ltd has been children’s audio specialists for over 30 years. If you are looking to create a kid’s CD or just require part of a children’s song for a television or film production we are the people to talk to. We have over 1’000 songs (many with several different arrangements) to select from and our licensing fees are both negotiable AND flexible in order to fit your particular project and budget.

There is also a selection of quality Christmas music for adults available to license (see separate page)

Our clients include: Warner Bros, La Plante Productions, Endemol, Granada TV, HBO, Universal Music, Demon Music, Delta Music.


CRS Records Ltd is an active record label/publisher and therefore remain non-MCPS members so that we are free to use our songs/arrangements on our own CDs without incurring a fee. This is an advantage to a prospective licensee as we can often assign both publishing and master rights to any tracks in one fee.

Some of the tracks available to license are written by our artists and as we have rights over both the composition and master recording we will combine the two fees into one reduced rate. Many tracks are public domain works to which we also control the mechanical fees for our arrangements. If you select a track where the written composition is in copyright by authors other than our own you will be responsible for any mechanical copyright due upon CD replication. (We can arrange a license for you if required)

Fees can be calculated on a per song per units sold basis or on a % of a dealer or retail price with fees to be paid quarterly or biannually. In many cases we may ask for an advance payment against future royalty accruals. Under certain circumstances, a one time "buyout" fee may be negotiated. These may include stipulations such as time limits or market restrictions.


We can quote for any proposed usage. Use of music and songs in a television series or special may contain many parameters. These parameters help us determine licensing fees. Below is a list of the items that will be considered when negotiating the final licensing fee.

  • Length of music required
  • Usage type: feature/theme/background
  • Publishing and/or master rights
  • Territory specific or worldwide.
  • Time limited or in perpetuity
  • Future transmissions/syndication
  • DVD and other media sales

As we will continually remind you, the only way to determine the fee and payment option best for your project is to contact us with the details. Even though there are many factors in television use, we will be able to give you a basic fee very quickly!


Licensing fees for use of a song in DVDs are mostly determined by projected sales or may be paid as a "per unit sold" royalty. The fee is depending on the use of the song and whether the song will be used in its entirety or just a few seconds. A small "advance" may be requested usually applied to the first 1,000-5,000 units sold. As with most projects, under certain circumstances, a one time "buyout" fee may be negotiated. These may include stipulations such as time limits or market restrictions. Call for details!


We offer licensing for all toy products and can also offer our studio services in editing the length of any song available in our database.

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